MAY 2, 2022  


Phase 2 of Business Recovery Grant Program Now Open Through June 1

After a delay, Phase 2 of the Business Recovery Grant program administered by the NC Dept. of Revenue reopened on May 2. Businesses that suffered economic loss of at least 20% during the pandemic may be eligible for a one-time payment of up to $500,000.

Expanded eligibility for Phase 2 includes service providers such as tour guides, massage therapists, and farmers – in addition to businesses in hospitality, arts, entertainment, retail, and recreation.

Important changes & updates to know about:

  • Businesses not eligible in Phase 1 because they previously received other COVID-19 relief may be eligible in Phase 2
  • Businesses that received a grant in Phase 1 that demonstrate additional economic loss may be eligible for an additional grant in Phase 2

Are you eligible for a grant in Phase 2?


DETAILS & APPLY: Business Recovery Grant Program
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